Download and Install our client

Get your bot working in just a few clicks.

Step 1: Download our bot client by clicking here.

Step 2: Run through the installer's windows. It will automatically install the Bot Client to C:\Program Files\EpicBot or C:\Program files(x86)\EpicBot.

Step 3: Click the icon called "EpicBot" on your desktop and start botting!

How to setup your account(s)

EpicBot is pretty self-explanitory, however, if you're having problems, this quick guide will walk you through what's next after you've downloaded and installed our bot client.

Adding an Account: To Add your RuneScape Account to the bot, hit the user icon on the menu bar in the top left, or go to Edit -> Accounts

Activate your PRO scripts: Simply click the key icon on the menu bar and login with your forum details. This will automatically load your PRO scripts in the script selector.

Running a script: Running scripts is easy. There's no compiling or messing around with anything. All you do is hit "Run Script" and select the script you want to use. (Note: For PRO scripts, you must be logged in, see above.)

Common Bug(s)

Installation failed: If you're getting this installation failed error, please delete all traces of EpicBot, including the installer. Then restart your computer, download the bot client again, and install it a second time. This will correct this bug.

Bot Client Stuck / Closing at 0% Updating: If you're getting this, you will need to either disable your anti-virus / firewall, or add EpicBot to the accepted list of your anti-virus / firewall software. EpicBot connects when it is opened to our server to check for and auto-update the client so you don't have to!

Unable to play scripts/Play button greyed out: For this all you have to do is close and reopen the client. Continue to close and open until the play button remains green and you are able to click on it.

Scripts not starting: This can be set within Runescape's Settings panel once logged in or with the small spanner icon on the Runescape log-in page. Ensure you are starting the script in a correct location, for further information on locations check the appropriate script section.

CPU memory usage high: Load the client > Click the Extra tab > Enable both Low-CPU Usage and Disable Canvas. They are both options for using less memory and enabling a smoother run. Note: When the canvas is disabled, it will appear as though RS is lagging but this isn't affecting the script running. If using Windows, you can also open up Task Manager, right click the Java.exe process when Epicbot is running, and set its Priority to High.

Epicbot not working on MAC or Linux: To run Epicbot on your Mac download the Linux version: here. This is a jar file and will open instantly on your mac. Alternatively, if you are having issues on Mac, it could be due to outdated Java. NOTE: You may need 'OS X Mountain Lion' to download the latest java. Windows machines generally work with less problems!

Can't run PRO Scripts/PRO Scripts don't show: When you have loaded the client; click the gold key icon, use your Epicbot forums username and password to log in before pressing the play script button.

Too many incorrect logins: Quite a common error when logging into the client, give it 5 minutes and try again; don't repeatedly try to log in but be patient and wait a few minutes. It will log you in eventually. Can also open up Command Prompt and type ipconfig /flushdns - after doing so restart your comp.

Already logged in on another IP: This is usually a result of the servers not logging you out from your last location properly. If last logged in on your current computer, give it a quick restart and/or restart your router. As a last resort; if this error is displayed repeatedly or frequently, change your password and/or scan your computer for anything malicious. Usually, patience resolves this issue. Alternatively, you may receive this if you are trying to log into your EpicBot™ account on another IP and you already are logged in.