Billing FAQ

When I buy a script is it for both EpicBot™ clients?

No! Some scripts are available on BOTH versions of our client, but you must purchase them separately! We recommend you do so and enjoy botting on both versions!

How do I purchase a script?

First you will need to register and then login via the top right of the EpicBot website or login to the EpicBot forum (they are the same thing). Please note that if you are registered on our forum, that is your EpicBot account and it will be used to purchase scripts!

What are your payment methods?

We accept most of the popular payment methods, including but not limited to: All major credit cards, Moneybookers (Skrll), Payza, iDeal, and more payment methods coming very soon!

How long do I get a script for?

Currently, scripts are for a lifetime of our website/client. If you purchase a script, there is no duration for how long it will be on your account.

I purchased a script! Where is it?

Usually each purchase is activated within minutes. Try logging into the EpicBot client (guide here) and see if it shows up in your Script selector. If it's not showing up, please contact Technical Support.

How do I get a refund?

Refunds are given out IF and ONLY IF there is a clear issue with the script (product), and you have reported it to the author with video proof and support topic opened that details the issue. Any issues must be reported within 3 days of purchase, with proper video proof of the failure(s). If an author is unable to deliver an update within an adequate time, we will grant a refund with no further questions asked. We prefer you reach out to the author to get these situations fixed abruptly! If you are not getting a response from the author, please contact technical support and we will investigate what's going on.

How come my credit card was declined?

If your credit card was declined (or not able to be processed), and you are sure your information was correct, please contact Technical Support.

Are there any discounts or promo codes?

Not currently, but from time to time we will offer specials and promotions! Check your inbox for these.

What is the best bot to buy?

We can't tell you which is the best bot to buy, as it varies from person to person. Try the message boards for some advice!

Are there some products that are monthly?

Yes, extended access to our EpicBot™ OS client is a paid membership that is monthly. It is great for those who want to take full advantage of our EpicBot™ OS client!